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 Technical Difficulties

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Technical Difficulties Empty
PostSubject: Technical Difficulties   Technical Difficulties Icon_minitimeFri Nov 21, 2008 3:32 am

Hey peeps!

Obviously since its alpha testing there are numerous bugs and glitches in the game...

the most common bug is the launcher problem which is temporarily solved by opening the GW game folder and opening "godswaronline.exe"

but that leads to another problem that the game opens up in window mode and you cant see properly..that was solved by opening the "config.ini" file from the GW folder inside notepad and there change the "FULL_WINDOWS=0" to "FULL_WINDOWS=1" by changing the value to 1 instead of 0 you should see GW properly in full screen.

In-game you might see that on the left hand side the text written is still chinese...to solve that run the "patcher" file in GW folder and it will say that you already have the updated version of the game...but if you go in game after the patch you should see the text written in English instead of chinese...

Lastly, the bug that i came across was that after putting in my account and password and selecting the server...when the character selection screen came this small error window popped up with weird symbols written on it...i reinstalled the game...restarted my PC..but nothing i did solved the problem...i contacted a few people and they cant seem to think up of a solution...right now i am redownloading the whole client in the hope that it will work after that...if you have encountered the same problem then please do let me know...and if you have found a solution then please be SURE to let me know... =)
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Technical Difficulties
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